In Stage 3 of your Emergency Response Program, the focus turns to customized team training. You have completed your Tabletop Exercise, and your BCP Alignment; your ERP team roles and responsibilities should now be well defined.

Team training is role-specific for each primary and alternate member of your ERP team. This will ensure that in the event of activating your emergency response, all team members and back-up personnel are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.

Each ERP team member holding a primary role will participate in a specific familiarization session to hone their response skills and understand the expectations and objectives related to their participation.

All accountable positions, as well as support personnel, will participate in training sessions relative to their roles, which include:

  • Emergency Operations Center Management
  • Public Relations / Emergency Media Communication
  • Security
  • Call Screening / Frontline Communications
  • Humanitarian Responders (Notification & Family Assistance)

For accidents involving the NTSB you can expect training for:

  • NTSB Reporting
  • Go Team Composition
  • Document Control and Turnover
  • Party Status
  • NTSB Public Affairs

Training will wrap up with:

  • Post Accident/Incident Procedures
  • Return to Service Plan
  • Fitness for Duty Analysis
  • After-Action Debrief

Following on from the training, an additional facilitated Tabletop Exercise is recommended to ensure all documented processes are effective and in-line with best practice.