It is about...Time

During a crisis, you need to activate your Emergency Response Plan and respond anywhere, at any time. You need real-time automated access through your mobile device, tablet or PC without the cyber security vulnerabilities. How can you do this when your ERP is paper bound in a manual?

Developed during Stage 1 of your Emergency Response Program, your Tactical ERP will help your team respond faster with a “first things first” methodology. Most ERPs are essentially narrative descriptions coupled with ideas to consider. With the Tactical ERP you can reorganize content and focus on specific actions and priorities to bring speed and clarity to any response.

  • Interactive, procedures focused ERP
  • Activate from anywhere via mobile device or PC
  • Developed by aviation emergency responders
  • Compatible with industry requirements
  • Economical, adaptable and risk-adverse

This interactive tool allows you to not only automatically link to documents and checklists throughout an event, but also manage notifications with links to your contacts phone numbers and emails, with the option to print any section or checklist if required. The Tactical ERP is at its core, an interactive PDF, which has advantages over websites and apps, including maintaining a sole source of information for the response process.  Everyone can have their copy of the document on the device they choose and work their individual checklists.

The Tactical ERP has undergone significant industry review and operators just like you are using it with great success.

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