In the aftermath of an accident, personal belongings are crucial as they connect us with our loved ones. It is essential that the care and handling of these items be respectful and confidential. Your Fireside Partners Personal Effects team’s mission is to provide personal effects (PE) management services with dignity and respect for all those involved. Your PE team will work with you, your insurance underwriters, and first responding agencies to recover, document, and prepare personal effects for the ultimate respectful return to the appropriate family member.

When belongings arrive at Fireside’s state of the art Effects Management Center (EMC), our team of PE specialists will conduct an inventory with as little handling as possible using extreme care not to further degrade the condition of them.

When faced with a disaster, your Fireside Partners team will:

  • Deploy and position emergency response specialists at the scene of the accident. We will work closely with investigators to secure a release for all non-retained items and work quickly to prepare these items and prevent further deterioration.
  • Provide a Field-level inventory.
  • Provide on-site operations including assigning unique identifiers to each item of PE. When possible we log and photograph each item; ensure chain of custody and security for all PE “on scene.”
  • Prepare and ship Personal Effects to our Company Headquarters in Dover, Delaware for processing in our Effects Management Center.
  • Develop an electronic photo-catalog, complete with claims process instructions, for distribution to victims and family members.
  • Arrange for the timely respectful return of claimed items.
  • Retain any unclaimed personal effects in a secure storage space at Company Headquarters for no less than 24 months in the event of future claims.
  • After close consultation with your company, families, and appropriate authorities, arrange for the compassionate disposal of unclaimed items, under medical grade supervision.

We have responded to many accidents; we sincerely hope you have not. We are here to help and are just a phone call away.