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Like your Safety Management Program or Business Continuity Plan (BCP), your Emergency Response Program must be a broad-ranging and robust system to maintain readiness for emergencies. If you need to respond, you want to do it successfully, compassionately, and professionally. A comprehensive Emergency Response Program will accomplish this and help to answer the following:

  • When an accident or incident occurs, are you fully prepared to respond?
  • Have your executive decision-makers and managers been multi-tasked with responding to the emergency at hand while simultaneously executing your business continuity plan?
  • Has everyone been trained to respond to the emergency effectively, and do they know what to expect if one happens?
  • Do you have enough resources, manpower, and tools to protect your people, preserve your brand, and participate in the investigation?

As a Fireside Partners Program customer, you will experience what it is like to have an accident without experiencing the pain of actually having one. You will know how your internal resources should be utilized and what external resources you need to supplement your in-house response capabilities. Your team will be trained using real-life experiences, so your readiness to respond to an emergency will become second nature.

Your Program is comprised of four stages of development that build upon each other:

Stage #1: Development - Build the foundation of your capability to respond to an emergency

Stage #2: Alignment - Align your Program with other business continuity plans (BCP)

  • 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement
  • Tactical ERP Update (Action Items from Tabletop in Stage 1)
  • BCP Alignment Assessment - identify overlap on resources
    • Define internal roles and external support
  • eLearning Course - Building a Family Assistance Program

Stage #3: Execution- Train your team through real-life experiences

  • 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement
  • Team Training (team members identified in Stage 2)
  • Live Drill
  • eLearning Course – Preparing For Your Live Drill

Stage #4: Readiness – Communications, After Action Strategy and Maintenance Plan

  • 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement
  • After Action Strategy and Implementation (Action items from Live Drill in Stage 3)
  • Maintenance Plan
  • eLearning Course – Emergency Communications

Your emergency response program with Fireside Partners is guided by Three Key Principles (3Ps) of effective emergency response.

  • People – Protect your people. They are your most valued asset. Fireside works closely with you and your people to ensure that those most affected are supported with compassion and empathy.
    We are the family that helps you take care of yours!
  • Perception - Ensure your response aligns with your number one priority – your people.
  • Participation – Participate in the investigation. Protect your interests and confirm best practices are in place.

Your Emergency Response Program is what makes your emergency response plan a truth-telling document.

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