Developed in Stage 1 of your Emergency Response Program, your Educational Tabletop Exercise is a scenario‐based discussion focused on solutions to enhance the crisis decision-making skills of core executives and significantly advance your emergency preparedness.

During a Tabletop Exercise, facilitated by your experienced responders at Fireside Partners, your team can expect to:

  • Clearly define and understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Identify any gaps in resource and preparedness
  • Use scenario-driven real-life examples of emergencies
  • Learn how to execute your Emergency Response Plan effectively

The Exercise will result in an action strategy for the continuous improvement of your emergency response plan. Your enhanced ERP will form the foundation for your Live Drill introduced in Stage 2 of your Emergency Response Program.

Recommended participants in a Tabletop Exercise are those responsible for emergency response management, and should include:

  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Crisis Management
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Investigation/On-Site Team
  • For Aviation Operators 
    • Aviation Director
    • Scheduler/Dispatcher
    • On-Site Team (pilot and technical)

Individuals responsible for the BCP should also participate in all Tabletop Exercises. While many employees understand that the BCP exists, they might not know how it integrates and overlaps with your emergency response processes.