Every day more states and countries lift restrictions on travel and business operations. Responsible, safe, and defensible business reopening practices are critical. Fortunately, emergency response experts, cleaning and sanitization engineers, and mental health experts came together to help you. A clear roadmap is now available as you ready yourself for a successful opening day experience, and to provide a normalized experience for your employees and customers.

Build your preopening plan, establish stability to reopen and remain open, and prepare for a practical yet purposeful adaptation to your business plan. We now present an essential tool for business owners, employers, and program managers at all levels. The Return to Operations training series, a two-part virtual instruction, consisting of the following key content areas, is now available.

Topics covered in this video series

Module One explores and demonstrates competencies in these areas, with demonstrations and examples throughout:

  1. Preparing to Reopen Responsibly
    1. The Preopening Plan
    2. Normalizing Employees
    3. Points of Entry and Employee Screening
    4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and lessons learned
    5. Signage and options for different workspaces

Module Two builds on the foundation of the first series, adding practical examples, scenarios, and expert inputs. Business continuity, emergency response, and conflict resolution are the focal points:

  1. Opening and Staying Open
    1. "Opening Day" demos
    2. Facility and aircraft cleaning and disinfecting, the differences, and the various modalities (Specialist Demonstrations)
    3. Managing employee and customer compliance/non-compliance (Specialist Discussion)
    4. Responding to an illness report in the workplace
    5. Balancing privacy and safety
    6. Employee and Customer communications
    7. Drawing down, yet maintaining readiness

In addition to the two videos above you will also receive two guidebooks.

Guidelines for Returning to Service
As more states and countries are slowly beginning to ease restrictions, the common denominator for safely re-opening seems first to have a plan and the necessary resources required to execute the plan. The guidebook details a three-stage process that establishes benchmarks for proceeding with a phased reopening.

Contagion Resource Guide
This guidance provides practical suggestions for Companies to protect themselves, passengers, and employees when exposed to a possible contagious disease. It includes internal and external communications statement templates as well as consolidated information from U.S. Government Agencies related to protecting yourself and others, managing a sick traveler, cleaning contaminated areas, and actions to take after the flight.

Capitalize on Fireside Partner’s decades of experience in planning and responding to emergencies. View the video series with your management team and implement strategies to protect your people and your business vitality.

Price: $500

In order to view this series and future training videos, you will be prompted to create a membership account prior to purchase. You will receive an email with a link to access the content after you have paid.