Workplace safety, always a top priority, has taken on new meaning with the advent of COVID-19. Fireside Partners has adapted its practices to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ expectations, while also prioritizing the safety of our team. Organizations are looking to do as much as possible to safeguard their staff members and customers. As a result, Fireside Partners has developed these resources and PPE kits to assist you in returning to work safely and efficiently.


Return to Operations Training Series

Take advantage of our Return to Operations Training Series and implement strategies to protect your people and your business. As more states and countries lift restrictions on travel and business operations, responsible and safe business reopening practices are critical.

The Return to Operations training series is a two-part virtual instruction including practical examples, scenarios, and expert inputs. In addition to the two videos, you will also receive the following two guidebooks: Guidelines for Returning to Service and Contagion Resource Guide.

Contagion Resource Guide

This guidance provides practical suggestions for Companies to protect themselves, passengers, and employees when exposed to a possible contagious disease. It includes internal and external communications statement templates as well as consolidated information from U.S. Government Agencies related to protecting yourself and others, managing a sick traveler, cleaning contaminated areas, and actions to take after the flight.

Guidelines for Returning to Service

As more states and countries are slowly beginning to ease restrictions, the common denominator for safely re-opening seems first to have a plan and the necessary resources required to execute the plan. The guidebook details a three-stage process that establishes benchmarks for proceeding with a phased reopening.

Return to Operation Kits

Return to Operation Kits (ROK) enable your organization to prepare workspaces and consumer areas, and help protect your employees and customers.

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