We built the foundation of Fireside Partners on the needs of the underserved business aviation sector. Unlike a large airline, where Family Assistance is mandated by law, resulting in abundant resources, business aviation resources are often limited.  You, your employees, and the families of those impacted by a disaster need this same scope of resources to be available to them, which is why many Fortune companies and charter/flight managed operators choose Fireside as their Emergency Services Provider. 

As a 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement customer, you will have immediate access to professionally trained team members who are ready to mobilize and respond. With over 100 years of federal and military incident response, you will benefit not only from our response experience but also our close working relationships with the NTSB, FBI, and aviation industry specialists.  Your 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement builds the foundation for us to work alongside your team and your decision-makers so that you have the most compassionate and comprehensive response to an emergency anywhere in the world.

As you advance through the stages of your Emergency Response Program, you will prepare and train to respond to emergencies resulting from an aviation accident, an armed assailant incident, a natural disaster, and everything in between. Your training will include the critical components to care for the victims and their families.  You will have the support you need and experienced resources to respond effectively to protect your most valued asset, your people.

Our Emergency Services Agreement also provides you with:

  • Worldwide emergency asset monitoring
  • Worldwide weather and hazardous events reporting
  • Accident investigative support
  • Compassionate family notification and assistance
  • Personal effects recovery and return
  • Resource coordination with local and federal agencies
  • On-site accident response support

Fireside provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to your Emergency Response Program, which is broken down into 4 critical stages that build upon each other:

As your trusted partner, you can be certain Fireside Partners will help you prepare and respond to ensure your people and their families are protected.