Welcome to Fireside Partners: The one place where you can develop and maintain your world class Emergency Response Program.  Like your Safety Management Program, your Emergency Response Program must be a comprehensive and robust system designed to maintain readiness for emergencies  and to enable you to respond  successfully, compassionately and professionally.

Many organizations have found that during a crisis, executive decision makers and managers are double tasked with responding to the emergency at hand, while simultaneously executing their business continuity plan. Even the largest organizations have relatively small teams called into action during a crisis.  When an accident or an incident occurs, are you prepared? Do you have sufficient resources to protect your people, preserve your brand and participate in the investigation?  The time to answer that question is now, not when you are immersed in an incident response. You have access to the help, resources and experience you need with Fireside Partners.

This is not about handing over your response to us.  This is Fireside Partners working together with you, your team, and your decision makers along with our resources and solution providers.  

Whether your business spans aviation, rail, marine, manufacturing, energy or any other industry, you can rest assured that you have selected an emergency services provider that will support you with the resources and experience you need to get you through a crisis. 


As our customer, we will work with you to develop your world class emergency response program.  You can expect the program to be broken down into 4 important stages of development that build upon each other:

  • Development - Build the foundation of your capability to respond to an emergency
  • Alignment - Align the program with your business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Execution - Interactive Training and Live Drills
  • Readiness - After Action Evaluation and Improvement

From day one and throughout the development and maintenance of your program, you will receive:

  • Access to a worldwide network
  • 24/7 assistance and personalized support
  • Proactive and confidential service
  • Compassionate, respectful care for your people and their families
  • Customized emergency response tools to help execute your ERP
  • Experienced team of professionals with strong alliance to government agencies including NTSB
  • On-site accident response support

Our Vision and Values: Fireside Partners' foundation is built on our values which shape our culture and define our principles:

  • Integrity - We demonstrate honesty, respect and support for each other and to our customers.
  • Commitment - We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our mission and we focus on building loyal, long-term relationships.
  • Compassion - We are dedicated to our employees and customers and to treating each other with care and empathy.
  • Dependability - We place the highest priority on our ability to respond to your needs as our customer.

We are Fireside Partners, the family that helps you take care of yours.