Your 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement is our assurance to you that no matter when or where an emergency occurs, you have immediate access to professionally trained team members who are ready to mobilize with the needed equipment to respond. Your 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement builds the foundation for us to work with you, alongside your team and your decision-makers to ensure you have the most compassionate and comprehensive response to an emergency anywhere in the world.

Why do you need an external emergency services partner?

Many of you have dealt with crises in the past and responded to them effectively.  However, what if:

  • An emergency occurs that affects your company principal or principals and results in a drastic impact on your organization?
  • You try to run your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) AND your acute response at the same time and discover key team members are double tasked? Or
  • An emergency arises in a location where you do not have the resources or assets to respond effectively?

Your 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement provides you with a trusted resource that knows your company, understands your culture, and what’s important to you. We will work side by side with you to ensure you have the resources and capability to respond appropriately.  Organizations have found that during a crisis, executive decision-makers and managers are often double tasked with responding to the emergency at hand, while simultaneously keeping the business running. Even large organizations have relatively small teams called into action during a crisis. Your 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement provides you with a proven and experienced integrated approach to emergency management.

As a 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement customer,  you have access to our state of the art Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the hub of Fireside's monitoring and response activities, providing real-time information, guidance, and logistical support to key decision makers.

Our experienced technical and humanitarian team members stand ready to assist clients at a moment's notice throughout their response to an emergency. 

You have access to the EOC in three key areas:


    • Development of joint response procedures
    • Remote emergency response drill support


    • Notification of natural disasters, civil and political unrest, and other world events that may have a direct impact on your operation or employees
    • Aircraft and marine asset monitoring, focused on identification of potential emergency situations


    • Assistance with confirming the details of an emergency
    • Deployment of Fireside's field responders
    • Coordination of emergency contact notification and Family Assistance activities
    • Coordination with medical and security providers
    • Post-event news and social media monitoring
    • Post-event logistical support
    • Records-keeping and report preparation 

In an emergency, you will retain managerial and supervisory control, and we act as your trusted resource.  Fireside Partners works with you to provide sufficient resources and expertise to protect your people, preserve your brand, and participate in the investigation.