October 27, 2020

Providing an All-Inclusive System for Company Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Dover, Delaware - Fireside Partners Inc., an industry-leading, fully integrated emergency services provider, announces the launch of a new Emergency Response Program. The four-stage Program brings a holistic and unified approach to emergency response. Fireside Partners’ customers will have the resources, training, and tools to respond successfully, compassionately, and professionally. Going beyond a traditional Emergency Response Plan (ERP), Fireside’s Program provides a roadmap of progression to enhance crisis decision-making skills and advance emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

The Program transforms the emergency response plan into a tactical roadmap to recovery. Comprised of four synchronous developmental stages, the transformation from a written plan to a fully capable Program is simple: 

Stage 1 - Development: Build the foundation of your capability to respond to an emergency

Stage 2 - Alignment: Integration with your enterprise-level emergency and business continuity plans (BCP)

Stage 3 - Execution: Train your team with the interactive curriculum and experiential scenarios

Stage 4 - Readiness: Continual improvements and after-action evaluations

Program Infographic
Training and equipping employees, and testing an ERP is vital to emergency preparedness. Fireside Partners operates a robust Training Center that provides multiple training options including in-person, virtual, and hybrid environments. The state-of-the-art live studio and eLearning online courses ensure you are mission ready when it’s time to respond.

Don Chupp, president and chief executive officer adds, “From our customer’s perspective, whatever they thought it meant to be prepared prior to the year 2020 certainly changed as the year evolved. A global pandemic, civil unrest, massive wildfires, hurricanes, and other emergencies present a need to respond to multiple, cascading events simultaneously. The most effective organizations, businesses, and niche operations take their responsibility to be prepared and effective very seriously. We rise to meet that responsibility with a single, yet powerful option; the Emergency Response Program.”

To learn more about how the Program can benefit your organization, please visit www.firesideteam.com or contact Fireside Partners directly at 302.613.0012 or info@firesideteam.com.