March 25, 2021

Build a Culture of Emergency Readiness with this Versatile Learning Platform

Dover, Delaware – Fireside Partners Inc., an industry-leading, fully integrated emergency services provider, announces the launch of a new eLearning Library. The eLearning Library is an integral part of building your Emergency Response Program. Most importantly, it contributes directly your organizational resiliency and emergency preparedness.

Offered as an annual subscription, the eLearning Library provides unlimited access for all members of your organization.  A user-friendly dashboard provides a real-time view of course advancement and allows managers to easily track team progress. Each course concludes with a knowledge transfer assessment and a certificate of completion.

Carla Tirel, Vice President, Operations adds, “The recent challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we facilitate our training exercises and drills. With so many remote work locations and employees unable to meet in-person or as a group, we quickly realized it was necessary to pivot and include a more flexible and versatile platform. eLearning enables us to provide our clients with much needed remote training options. Even though their workforce is dispersed, they have immediate access to a series of relevant and up to date training modules.”

Training employees and testing an ERP is vital to emergency preparedness. The eLearning Library ensures mission readiness when it is time to respond. To learn how the eLearning Library can benefit your organization, please visit or contact Fireside Partners directly at 302.613.0012 or