Fireside Partners, your all-hazards worldwide emergency response partner, and MedAire, your partner for both in-flight and at-location medical and security assistance, are working together to serve you faster and better when you need help.

Companies using both Fireside and MedAire membership services will now receive the seamless resources and capabilities of both organizations during an emergency. When something happens, the companies’ 24/7 Operations Teams will communicate to share critical intelligence and provide integrated assistance through their respective capabilities. What this means to clients is a fast, seamlessly integrated response by both companies during an emergency when every minute counts.

The two organizations are recommending shared clients participate in an Emergency Response Program (ERP) exercise to demonstrate the importance of being prepared and identify areas for future improvement. The exercise tests the processes and capabilities of all three organizations and their ability to communicate and execute in unison.

An ERP exercise recently at the Talon Air LLC headquarters in Farmingdale, NY engaged this partnership. Annmarie Stasi, Director of Safety and an active pilot, envisioned the idea for a scenario involving an in-air emergency involving a maneuvering emergency resulting in simulated injuries. During the drill execution Stasi challenged both organizations to respond as if it was real. “We serve a very discriminating customer base at Talon Air, and we want to ensure our passengers, owners, and our employees have access to a fully integrated array of services in the unlikely event of an emergency,” notes Stasi.

“We developed a model where we stand shoulder to shoulder, each delivering on what we do best, and our shared clients benefit from it,” explains Stephen Burgess, Emergency Operations Supervisor at Fireside Partners in Dover, Delaware. “We collectively became a ‘force multiplier’, a term we used in the Army. Our respective Operations Centers have dedicated numbers to call, we understand each other’s procedures and terminology, and in real events we both do a lot of good for clients in need.”

Diann Weaverling, Operations Manager at MedAire, elaborated, “The Talon Air exercise demonstrated the value our partnership initiative can bring to our mutual clients. The immediate life safety value of MedAire’s medical membership services and the surrounding value of Fireside’s response teams and incident management services were apparent throughout the scenario.”

“I would encourage any business aviation operation to consider a fusion exercise as part of their emergency program development. Our after-action report ended up being 25 pages of content, pictures, and process areas to consider improving,” says Stasi at Talon Air.

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Gerri Kania (left) Strategic Account Director from MedAire explains the contents and proper uses of the medical kit to the aircrew in the exercise

Stephen Burgess (center) responds to the exercise emergency call, and leads the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) from Fireside’s Headquarters in Dover, DE