Family Assistance is arguably the most important piece of your emergency response program. Taking care of your people and those directly impacted by an emergency is your number one priority.  Yet in our experience we find this is the part of most emergency response programs that has had the least attention and training.  Take this important step in your emergency response program with two remote options:  
  1. Half-Day Remote Humanitarian Familiarization – This half day session is for organizations who want an overview of Notification and Family Assistance protocols in the event of a serious incident or accident. This session will also highlight the appropriate actions to take if family members related to those affected in the accident arrive at the facility to solicit support.  This is a must have for any organization!  Many of our Emergency Services Agreement clients have taken this training. 

  2. Full Day Remote Humanitarian Familiarization – This full day session is for organizations who need a deeper understanding and experience of Notification and Family Assistance protocols. The day will be divided into two sessions.  The Notification training will be guided by the Notification Model:
    • Acknowledgement
    • Confirmation
    • Condolence
    • Continuity of Care

The Family Assistance session you will encounter live interactions with Fireside seasoned Family Assistance team members, personally experiencing the challenges of  Family Assistance during an emergency response event.

The session will be facilitated using either Teams or WebEx platform and will be an interactive video session facilitated by an experienced Fireside response team member. Electronic copies of our Humanitarian Handbook will be distributed in advance of the meeting, and participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the contents prior, to have optimal benefit from the interactive session.

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