Half-Day Emergency Response Program Training (ERP101)

  • This half day session is for organizations who want an overview of the duties and responsibilities of individual key positions on your response team. The training includes an overview of the key principles of a response; Awareness and Confirmation, Taking care of your people, Protecting the your brand name, participation in the investigation and how to return to service. The training will focus on your individual team positions and what their role is in the overall response. The half day session can be customized for any organization and any crisis, not just those with aviation assets.

Full Day Emergency Response Program Training (ERP101)

  • This full day session adds training for individuals outside of the department that have key roles in the response;
    • Human Resources (Taking care of your people)
    • Communications (Protecting your brand)
    • Legal and Risk (Participation in the investigation)
    • Executive Leadership (Managing the overall response)

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