Corporations have many unique emergency communications requirementsfocusing on all aspects, including regulatory and media interaction as well as employees and their families and may include events such as workplace and facility emergencies, employee accidents and cyber breaches, etc.,  

What you say and how you say it can make all the difference in an emergency.  During these remote sessions, you will receive first-hand knowledge from those on the front line after accidents and emergencies.   

Module 1: Emergency Communications 101 concepts (2 hours)

  1. Emergency versus crisis, and how effective communications ensures a manageable event
  2. The “Art and the Science” of emergency communications
  3. Establishing the consumer populations of our communications
  4. Presenting the base formula for developing our communications
  5. Managing confidential and proprietary information
  6. Practical exercise using the working scenario

Module 2: Internal Communications (2 hours)

  1. Confirmation, awareness, and factual gathering activities
  2. Delivery mechanisms
  3. Presenting the “Anatomy of an Emergency Communications Statement”
  4. Internal populations and needs assessments:
    • Senior leadership
    • Employees
    • Stakeholders and primary customers
    • Employee families
    • General public

5. Practical Exercise using the working scenario

Module 3: External Communications (2 hours)

  1. Guest presentation from a former Public Information Officer (PIO)
  2. Delivery mechanisms and review of the anatomy of emergency messaging
  3. Press briefings, and tactical suggestions for those who may coordinate them
    • Examples for review and assessment
    • Preparing yourself for success
    • Preparing senior leadership
    • Preparing the journalists and reporters
    • Delivery example
  1. Social media, cautions, and use-cases
  2. Communicating publicly during active investigations
  3. Course material will include take-home resources, including draft holding statements, references, processes, and operational checklists.

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